Review Joker Poker

For fans of card games, the most exciting slot is free Joker Poker, which features a unique deck with the Joker and the absence of opponents to the player. Applying your strategy, you can win big.

Thrilling gameplay for a long time drags the player and immerses him in a gambling atmosphere, as the game depends entirely on strategic thinking. The essence of the game is to collect the best combination of cards, which as a result will win and bring the maximum cash prize.

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Odds and RTP of Joker Poker

The video slot has a high return percentage - 95.8%, but there are no classic winning lines in the game. The game play Joker Poker deck of 52 cards, and there is an additional Joker. The game allows a maximum of 5000 bets, which greatly increases the chances of getting prize money.

To collect a winning combination, it is enough to include intuition and have, for example, a pair of aces. During the game, cards are exchanged all or in part to get the right combination. Here it is important to think strategically to assess what cards are already there and what combination can be collected during the exchange.

The game starts by giving out an initial 1000 credits. To start playing and winning, it is important to choose the key parameters of the game, on which the strategy and winning will depend:

  • the number of simultaneously playing hands Hands - from one to fifty;
  • bet level per line Bet - from 0.05 to 50 credits.

The maximum winning amount is 4 thousand coins - this is possible thanks to Royal Flush, which allows you to increase the prize money by multiplication by 1000. The level of winning is directly related to the seniority of the cards. The prize combinations have classic Joker Poker games names: straight, pair, square, full house, straight flush, and royal flush.

Depending on the use of the Joker card in the prize combination, the level of winnings may vary. For example, a royal flush with the Joker multiplies your winnings by 100. At the same time, a royal flush without a Joker has a multiplier of 1000. There is also a difference in the winnings of a regular carat with a multiplier of 17, and a carat with a Joker Poker rules that acts as a kicker. Such a carêt provides a multiplier of 200.

Joker Poker 2

Additional Features of Joker Poker

The peculiarity of the slot is the absence of bonus additional rounds. At the same time, the player's interest and excitement are preserved by other features. Among the additional features of video Joker Poker it is worth noting:

  • availability of the Joker card;
  • risk game to double the winning amount.

Joker Poker strategy allows you to replace any of the missing cards for the desired winning combination.

To increase the excitement the video slot allows you to run the risk game. In the case of winning the payout is doubled. To start the bonus game will need to click on the button Gamble as the rate stands as part of the prize money.

If the balance ran out of credits, it can be easily corrected. To do this, just refresh the game and go back to the starting amount of credits. It is important to remember that the winnings will also reset. Resetting the winnings in this case will be carried out if there are more than 1000 coins in the account.

Conclusion on Joker Poker

All gamblers should appreciate the Joker Poker machine. Running the game is available on any device, including smartphones. This allows you to enjoy the game in any environment with any gadget. A cool bonus can be considered a stylish soundtrack and simple design that does not distract from the game and focus on the course of the game.

For convenience, the player is allowed to select the appropriate settings before starting the game. The menu is intuitive and straightforward. If you want you can choose the value of coins and their number for the bet. To simplify, the maximum bet can be made with a single Max Bet button. All management, including card selection in the desktop version of the game, is done with the mouse.

Video slot design is thought out in detail to make the game easier, without distracting unnecessary clicks and settings. For example, simplifying the management of multiple lines provides duplication of all player actions. For example, if you want to save a card in one line, a similar card will be held in each hand. At the same time, the choice of other cards is random.

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