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The peculiarity of this video poker is that instead of the usual 52 cards in the game, two more jokers have a significant advantage in the game and go as any trump. This is a unique opportunity for you to test your skills in the game. The excitement that appears in players who have started playing video poker is one of the main attractions of Double Joker poker. A beginner has a great opportunity to test this excitement on himself and try her luck.

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Playing Double Joker Video Poker

Playing Double Joker video poker USA is as simple and easy as playing regular poker or any other type of video poker. Players are dealt five cards and it's up to you to choose whether to keep them all or remove a few cards so that you can draw as many cards as possible next time. Don't forget that there are two jokers in the game that can decide everything. The most advantageous situation for you is when you have a big hand created and have a great opportunity to make new combinations. 

The minimum bet you can make is 1 coin, and the maximum bet is 5 coins. We recommend betting five coins per hand at once because the bonus payout that will go at the end will be different from the house benefits. You can read more details about how Double Joker video poker works and which one can win for you on the official Double Joker game site. 

That is why it is so important for us to make sure you do not fall into the hands of strangers and always play only on verified and trustworthy video poker sites. It is also important for you to make sure you do not play on any dubious sites, as that can put you in danger and be unprotected.

Based on the experience you've had playing regular poker, it shouldn't be hard for you to start playing Double Joker video poker real money and getting big cash prizes as well as enjoying the game itself, meeting other players, and learning something new.

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Strategy for Double Joker Video Poker

All video poker players know certain and standard strategies in regular poker, but in Double Joker slot machine it doesn't work that way, because there are their tactics for the game. Now we are going to talk about the strategies in this video poker game and write them so that you know what strategies exist there in general. The player's main job is to bet on time and trust his gut on what cards have already come out of the game, so there are strategies and 3 pieces, and here they are:

  • no joker is drawn in your hand;
  • one joker is drawn;
  • two jokers are drawn.

It is worth considering that you have one of the main advantages of the Double Joker poker strategy - you can keep with you new strategic charts, which can surprise other players and in turn rank with other combinations of different cards. You have only one goal: choose which hands you can hold, and keep the hull so that there is a high ranking among all the others. 

Keep an eye on the other players and their actions, because that way you can easily expose the other players and choose a profitable strategy for yourself. And you should also take into account that all the other players will also be watching you, and any mistake you make will cost you a lot of money.

Conclusion on Double Joker Video Poker

In conclusion, we want to tell you to always check the information given to you and be aware of all developments in the world of video poker, so all developers try to pay more attention to players and their wishes to improve games.

The main task for you, when you start playing, is to choose the right and appropriate strategy, and not to bet too much, so that you don't end up losing more money. Always read reviews written by other editors or players themselves to make certain choices in video poker itself.

As we said earlier Double Joker video poker is very similar to standard poker and differs only in the presence of two jokers, so if you have a joker in your hand then you have a big score to help you win, but again, strategy is most important.

We want to warn you not to bet too much because you can easily lose all your money and it will take you a while to deposit into the game. The most important thing for us will be for you to calculate the amount you want to deposit and the commission you will be charged. 

If you want to withdraw the money, you should apply for it and wait up to 5 working days for it to come to you. If you have any problems with the withdrawal or with making a deposit, you can contact the technical support service to resolve this issue.

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