Pixies of the Forest review

Pixies Of The Forest slot machine is a delight for the eyes and worth paying close attention to, with five drums, multipliers, bonuses and wild symbols. Its main advantage is 99 winning lines of 33 coins each, which reduces variance, but the payout percentage leaves much to be desired - 94.9%. Below is prepared a thorough Pixies Of The Forest slot review. We hope it will help you decide between thousands of online slots and make the right choice.

Pixies of The Forest slot 1

Theme and storyline

It is a continuation or expansion of Secrets of the Forest slot, with magical forest fairies as the main characters; on the game symbols you will find images of these forest beauties, as well as the letters A, Q, K, corresponding to the three highest playing cards in the log.

The pleasant picture of the forest compensates for the lack of branching storylines. And the presence of fairies who grant wishes, however can empty your pockets, is a great metaphor to gambling in general.

Graphics, soundtrack and animation

The animation in Pixies Of The Forest slots is amazingly high quality, and the soundtrack with magic chimes, laughing fairies and birdsong is a great addition to the main theme of the game.

Nevertheless, you can't do without flaws and here the main problem is the excessive detailing and noisiness of the fairy symbols. It is usually an attribute of slots with a more complex theme, however in this case the bright and noisy parts of the screen are not annoying. All in all it's a pretty visually attractive slot. Get your start with Pixies Of The Forest free slot without spending your savings.


The gameplay in Pixies Of The Forest slots is pretty standard, although there are a few small interesting features. Users who are already familiar with Fresh Casino will have no trouble mastering the rules of it.

One of the key innovations is the presence of 99 winning lines on just five reels, costing just 33 coins. It creates a lot of possible winning options, although of course adding more lines has a small impact on the overall winrate.

Variety in gameplay is brought by the ability to activate bonus spins and the use of the universal tumbler feature. It adds dynamism, although in practice they represent the standard options of modern slots. All in all, the game provides an interesting as well as varied experience, but a few updates wouldn't hurt it.

Pixies of The Forest slot 2

Wild symbols, bonuses and freespins

Pixies Of The Forest free spins available when you get three bonus symbols on the active line. Wild symbols can appear in main game on reels 2, 3 and 4. The bonus spins add additional wild symbols covering reels 1 to 4. It significantly increases your chances of winning in the bonus rounds, making them attractive as a way to boost your winnings.

Betting and cashback percentage

Betting in Pixies of the Forest slot is only possible using real money. The minimum number of coins required to place a bet on each line is 33, and the maximum is also 33. The sizes of the available coins range from 0.01 to 100. Pixies Of The Forest RTP is 94, which adds an extra dimension to the game. In additions, there is the option for players to play Pixies Of The Forest free.

Pixies of The Forest slot 3

Payouts in Pixies of the Forest

Thanks to the extensive number of win lines available and the low variance, the player can enjoy a long time in the game even with a small bankroll, especially considering the generous payouts relative to the bet size.

The moment you smile at Pixies Of The Forest slot game to win the maximum jackpot of 2000x, your initial bet, be it €/£/$33, will be instantly transformed into a substantial amount of €/£/$2000. In addition, you can also count on additional wins on other active lines, and thanks to the numerous combination options, wins can accumulate quite quickly. The payout percentage in it reaches an impressive 94.90%, which adds a noticeable dynamic and excitement to the gameplay.

Mobile version

Pixies Of The Forest mobile will allow you to enjoy the magic and the opportunity to win big prizes anytime and anywhere. Optimized for use on smartphones and tablets, this exciting slot offers a convenient way to enjoy the magic and win big prizes without having to download the app to your iOS or Android device. Simply open the browser on your gadget and immerse yourself in the addictive gameplay of Pixies Of The Forest anywhere, anytime.


So, Pixies of the Forest slot is an exciting Video slot. You can get some free spins in the game, which will significantly increase your chances of winning, including winning real money. Have an exciting gaming experience with Pixies Of The Forest no deposit bonus.

Overall, Pixies Of The Forest casino is quite appealing visually. The standard gameplay is diluted with a few supposed options. Low variance and 99 win lines for 33 coins will appeal to those willing to play with a small bankroll.

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