How to play Plinko – quick guide

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Are you looking for a new game? Try your hand at Plinko. Thanks to its simple rules, it’s a game suitable for beginners. The simple game of Plinko has caught the attention of many players and has been implemented in many online casinos.

If you want to find out if you can play is Plinko real money? It is available at many online casinos and offers a chance to win cash prizes with every ball thrown. Let’s understand what is Plinko!


What the functionality of the project offers:

  • Choose your risk level: low, medium and high. Profit is adjusted depending on the level of volatility.
  • Choose manual or automatic betting mode, in automatic mode the balls fall one by one.
  • Use the “minimum”, “maximum” or “+” and “-” buttons to adjust the bet for each drop.
  • Select from 8 to 16 lines, then press the play button to see the ball drop.

Plinko game online real money is associated with the TV show “The Price is Right,” where contestants can win money or prizes.

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Plinko game rules

The Plinko gambling gained its popularity back in 1983, when it was first shown on the TV show The Price Is Right. In recent years, many online casinos where you can play for bitcoins have decided to add this game with a Provably Fair mechanism to their selection of cryptocurrency games.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter much whether you play Plinko game online real money or for free. The game is something like a vertical pyramid, which consists of many “pegs” (“pins”) scattered around the playing field. Closer to the top of the playing field the number of pins decreases, while in the lower part they become more – because of this the field is called “pyramid”.

The game starts when the ball is dropped on top of the pyramid. As it falls, it will bounce off the pins until it eventually lands in one of the slots at the bottom of the pyramid. Your winnings will depend on which slot the ball falls into. Let’s further understand how does Plinko work.

How does it work?

So, each round starts with the ball rolling. But before you start playing, you need to change the game settings. Before how do you play Plinko game online real money, you need to change or leave as is four items: number of lines, risk level, bet amount and betting mode.

  • Number of lines – You can always choose the number of lines you want. Their number represents the “floors” of the pyramid. The higher the number of lines, the higher the game variability will be. You can choose any number between 8 and 16.
  • Risk Level – You can set the risk level to low, normal or high. For example, if you play at a low risk level, the possible rewards (at the bottom of the pyramid) will be distributed more or less equally. The rewards at the center of the bottom of the pyramid will usually be lower than those given out for getting the ball into slots located at the very edges of the pyramid. However, the further away from the center of the slot, the less chance that the ball will fall there. When you play at a high risk level, the expected profit from hitting the center slots will be less, but you can win a large amount of money if the ball hits one of the side slots.
  • Bet amount – This is where things are clear. Always make sure that you specify the correct bet amount before you start playing the bitcoin game Plinko. Usually, the minimum bet is set at $1 and the maximum is set at $100, but this can vary depending on the particular casino.
  • Bet Mode – This option allows you to choose whether you play in manual or automatic mode.

If you want to play is Plinko real money, then you can do so at many online casinos.

Tips and strategies to win at Plinko: for beginners and experienced alike

Below we list a few tips that you can use when Plinko gambling. The first is to decide on the length of your gambling session: how long are you going to play for? If you want bigger winnings and don’t have too much free time, we suggest playing at normal or high risk levels. Also, if you want to maximize your maximum possible winnings, you should obviously play with 12 lines or more.

If you are a casual player and just want to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at Plinko game online gambling for bitcoin, you can set the auto play mode on low risk level with 8 lines. By playing with this strategy, you can be sure that your balance won’t run out in minutes. Instead, you will be able to play for hours.

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Automatic betting feature

Once you’ve decided on your desired risk level, number of lines and bet amount, you’re ready to use the Auto Bet feature. Simply specify the number of balls you want to throw and press the Play button. After that, the balls will be dropped one by one. After a few seconds, each of them will reach the bottom of the pyramid, followed by the obligatory payout.

Plinko game online is an exciting concept that attracts players with its uniqueness and the possibility of big wins. With no special skills or strategies, you can immerse yourself in the world of excitement and randomness that Plinko offers. If you want to find out where to play Plinko, you can do so at the various online casinos that offer this exciting game. Try your luck, customize your bets and enjoy the gameplay with Plinko Casino Game!

How to play Plinko – quick guide